March Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
April 1, 2024
Read below to see all the awesome things your coworkers did in March. This month's winners for the $25 Amazon gift card are Bob Hansen (giver) and Jack Rummel (receiver). Congrats!!

Giver: Melissa Schaefer, Customer Hope I Maker, LLC
Receiver: Jason Hosch
I had a friend message me about couple loan questions he had, and I reached out to Jason for help.  He gave me the run down and contacted the customer.  My friend messaged me this morning and said he was great!  Thanks, Jason, for answering mine and his questions.

Giver: Ryan Risetter
Receiver: Tiffany Coffin
Received the attached email from Sarah Y. complimenting Tiffany Coffin for her excellent care, grace, and patience as Sarah and Chuck worked through Chuck's recent health issues.   She had great praise for Tiffany and her and Chuck were so impressed, they are moving Chuck's 401k over as well as opposed to their original plans.   Excellent job Tiffany!!    Keep up the great work Tiff, you continue to excel and separate yourself from all the competition!!

Giver: Madisen Ryan Shepard, Customer Josh H.
Receiver: Abby Sears
I had a dental appointment this morning at Cedar Valley Dental Associates in Cedar Falls. Dr Josh H. asked where I worked and when I told him he let me know he'd done some work with Abby and that he was very happy with her services and that she was very nice to work with. Great job, Abby!

Giver: Madisen Ryan Shepard, Customer Josh H.
Receiver: Tiffany Coffin
I had an appointment at Cedar Valley Dental Associates in Cedar Falls this morning with Dr. Josh H. He asked where I worked and when I told him he let me know that he'd worked with Tiffany Coffin as their 401k is through Fidelity. He let me know he thinks she does a great job and that he enjoys working with FSB. Great work, Tiffany!

Giver: Jacey Cordes
Receiver: Hector Ramirez
We had a situation where we sent in a payment for two different homeowner insurance policies to an insurance company and they applied it to one policy and refunded the rest back to that customer instead of applying it to the other policy. Hector jumped on it right away and worked quickly to get it handled for both of our customers and made sure this snafu wouldn't impact them negatively. The insurance company was a little challenging to work with in the beginning, but he handled it very professionally. Great job Hector!

Giver: Bob Hansen
Receiver: Ashley Higgins
I overheard a conversation a husband and wife were having with Ashley on the front line.  The clients kept talking to and confusing each other about the transactions they were doing and talking over Ashley at times.   Ashley did a great job of listening and working through the transaction they were wanting to conduct while trying to clarify the transaction even though she had to go over things what seemed like 5 or 10 times with them.  She was friendly, helpful and clear in her communicating the whole time, but the couple was not on the same wavelength and is why they kept confusing each other.

Giver: Bob Hansen
Receiver: Abby Sears
Russ S. and his son came in at 8:20 yesterday with newly created Trust paperwork to make changes to bank accounts.  I asked her a question about the process and she jumped right in to offer assistance and help.  With them being in so early before the bank opened which was a huge help.  Russ is not in good health and her help to make this as easy as possible, so he didn't have to worry about things being difficult reflected well on the bank.  Abby is a busy person and this made me feel good that she is never too busy to help.

Giver: Grant Stevens
Receiver: Josh Rekers
Josh is always willing to help me out when it comes to applying payments for some of my past due customers and getting the required documents sent out to the customer.  Really appreciate all the help.

Giver: Lauren Woods
Receiver: Elizabeth Maletta
We had a customer who submitted a dispute for what seemed to be an airline ticket. The customer said that they didn't authorize the transaction, but they speak broken English so it was hard to fully communicate over the phone. He had told us that he couldn't get ahold of the airline, and we needed him to contact them to attempt to get his money back. The customer came into Tower Park & Elizabeth took the time even past 5:00pm to call the airline, get them to look up the transaction, and they were able to give him a refund. Saved the bank over $400 for a dispute & provided top notch customer service!

Giver: Dustin Thorson
Receiver: Jesus Ramirez
I was in Tropical Smoothie this morning visiting with Troy and he went out of his way to say how good of a job Zeus and 'the Team' do in taking care of him and handling everything for him in banking. Awesome to hear.

Giver: Karla Tri
Receiver: Haleigh Sperfslage
Jo Johnson with ReMax stopped in my office today to catch up.  She stated that she has recently started sending her buyers to Haleigh Sperfslage.  She said in the past she has sent the majority of her buyers to Scott Mueller at Veridian Credit Union but has found Haleigh's "quiet professionalism" is a much better fit for both sides and plans to send more her way.  Thanks Haleigh for leaving such a great impression and representing FSB with class!

Giver: Elizabeth Maletta
Receiver: Jack Rummel
A customer came through the CF drive through for a cashier's check on Saturday 3/16 and the checks wouldn't print correctly.  Jared and Jack worked together to make sure that the customer could still get his check.  The customer drove from CF to TP and Jack helped the customer even after our drive up was closed for the day.  The customer also accidentally left their DL in the drive up box at CF and Jared delivered the DL to the customer's house.  Thank you both for working together and providing excellent customer service!

Giver: Hector Ramirez
Receiver: Shane Illing
Shane does a really exceptional job of being incredibly thorough when sending over MLink loans or CC's to book. He's knowledgeable and we rarely encounter errors on items he sends through. We appreciate his work ethic and it helps make the process work smoothly! Thanks Shane and keep up the good work!

Giver: Zack Lane, Customer Richard K.
Receiver: Jane Weber
Called Richard to follow up on his new auto loan. Asked how the process went for him and he was very pleased with Jane and appreciated her assistance!

Giver: Abby Sears
Receiver: Ben Saak
Jim V is a new Premier client, who is moving his investment and banking relationship over from Veridian.  Jen and I met with him today to discuss Medicare and attempt to help him enroll in Social Security.  When Jim was leaving, he mentioned how happy he has been with the move from Veridian.  He also said that one of the best parts of his move, is the guy that answers the door when he arrives at 8:30 because he greets Jim with his name.  Thank you, Ben, for taking great care of our clients.  It's the small personal touch that make FSB and Premier stand out from our competition!

Giver: Pam de Neui
Receiver: Lauren Woods
Shout out to Lauren Woods!  She helped handle a delicate situation where a customer was reported as deceased, but we had reason to question that.  Lauren contacted the customer/family to confirm that all was well with the gentleman and advised them to contact social security as well.  I am sure that was not an easy conversation.  Lauren does a wonderful job with our customers and we can rely on her to handle even the most unusual of situations.  Thanks Lauren, we greatly appreciate you.

Giver: Mindy Hendrickson
Receiver: Jacob Sapp
Jacob has received several compliments from business and personal account customers who are impressed with his friendliness, outstanding service and going above and beyond for them.  He has been a huge asset to FSB and the downtown branch!  He is always willing to pitch in and help wherever needed.  Thank YOU Jacob!

Giver: Kristin Walters
Receiver: Jesus Ramirez
I stopped at Tropical Smoothie for Lunch yesterday. Troy was there and let me know that Zeus has been fantastic to work with. With it being tax time now, it sounds like Troy is a bit stressed, but said Zeus has helped to provide some docs to make taxes easier. Thanks Zeus on providing great customer service!

Giver: Jason Klein
Receiver: Abby Sears
Angie has excessive knowledge in trust / POA items and did a great job sharing that knowledge in this session.

Giver: Kate Reicherts
Receiver: Catherine Shafer
Compliance isn't an option in the drop down, but thank you to Danielle, Nicole, Catherine & Angie for pulling us together and educating us on compliance. It's definitely the 1 area in banking we all need to be aware of regardless of our roles and makes us better, more informed employees and I appreciate the touch with the Q&A and punch cards. I know you have busy schedules and just wanted to say job well done!

Giver: Kate Reicherts
Receiver: Josh Rekers
Jacey and I wanted to acknowledge how much we appreciate Josh's responsiveness and feedback in transitioning to Contact Center for Meridianlink loan servicing. With Josh's experience & knowledge in installment loans it has been great to have a dedicated point of contact and appreciate the leadership he demonstrates in operating his team. Thanks Josh!

Giver: Lauren Woods, customer Lynn D.
Receiver: Tiffany Garrison
Lynn called in about a check that was lost. Tiffany explained her options and was extremely patient! Lynn said that she explained the process well, was very kind, and she explained Clickswitch as an additional feature. She was so happy that she asked to talk to Tiffany's manager to pass along her praise! Great job Tiffany!

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