March Madness Update 2.0

Nick Delagardelle
April 2, 2024

And then there were four.

Purdue v. NC State

UConn v. Alabama

The FSB Pool has narrowed down to basically the Purdue and UConn picks, but there is one person with an outside shot at the crown. Zeus selected NC State as his champ, so if they keep pulling the upset, he will be sitting pretty.

Right now the Top 5 is as follows:

1. 85 total points, Kate Reicherts with Purdue as her Champ

2. 84, Jacey Cordes with Purdue

2. 84, Melissa Schaefer with UConn

4. 77, Dustin Thorson with UConn

5. 76, Neal Keegan with UConn

Laying in the weeds at 45th is Zeus with NC State.

For the full standings, check out the FSB1879 Group on the CBS Sports app. Games resume on Saturday night.

The Iowa Women are still alive and well in the Women's Final Four and resume play on Friday night against UConn. On the other side of the bracket,  NC State takes on undefeated South Carolina.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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