May Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
June 6, 2023

The randomly selected $25 Amazon gift-card winners for the month of May are…
Receiver: Alex Main
Giver: Mindy Hendrickson
Congrats to our winners and thank you everyone for all the great things you do!

Compliment received by: Alex Main, Ben Saak, and Kristin Walters
Given by: Josh Rekers
This is for Alex Main, Ben Saak, and Kristin Walters. We've been under our cash level totals for 8 consecutive weeks at Tower Park. Between the constant buying/selling from the Fed, helping out other branches, and maintaining 3 ATM's, there are a lot of moving parts.  They have grasped the importance of maintaining our cash levels and do a great job with that in addition to having everything organized for Chad and the courier on a monthly basis. Much appreciated and keep up the great work!

Compliment received by: Grant Stevens
Given by: Haleigh Sperfslage
I had a busy week receiving new applications along with having a handful of closings which left little time to address issues that came up with existing files. Grant was quick to look into everything for me along with thinking outside of the box to get one of my purchase transactions approved after initially being denied with IBMC. Thank you for always being a team player and helping get our deals approved and closed on time!

Compliment received by: Neal Keegan
Given by: Haleigh Sperfslage
This is an overdue compliment for Neal. Neal helped me out quite a bit this week with Encompass and Optimal Blue (as he does every week). Neal always drops his own work he is working on to help us MLO's whenever we run into technical issues which keeps us moving forward with tight deadlines. His willingness to always help and sense of humor always makes stressful situations less stressful. We can also always depend on Neal to get us through difficult files. Thanks Neal!

Compliment received by: Abby Sears
Given by: Zeus Ramirez
Jeff & Carmin S. was in to discuss options for obtaining some rental payments from his tenants. He was looking to use AutoBooks since at the time seemed like the best solution. I told him I could go talk to Abby to see if that was the best fit for him. Abby didn't hesitate to come out and discuss with pricing/options with Jeff and Carmin and we ultimately settled with an ACH option that best fit his needs. She helped without a moment's notice and was also able to pass on some knowledge along the way.

Compliment received by: Eric Krieger
Given by: Blake Overmohle
Cy P. was in the bank and I chatted with him briefly. Cy is a residential real estate agent and he mentioned that he's been hearing a lot of the FSB name being brought up and in a good way. He said Eric does a great job and he loves working with him.

Compliment received by: Josh Rekers
Given by: Lauren Becker
Josh is always there to help and answer my questions that I probably have asked before. He is always very prompt with his responses and explains his answers which is very helpful. Whenever I am questioning something on a loan or on the deposit side I know I can reach out and he will let me know his opinion and offer his explanation. He has been SO helpful. Appreciate him and his guidance very much!!

Compliment received by: Bob Hansen
Given by: Zack Lane/Customer Jacqueline H.
I just got off the phone with Jacqueline after calling her about CDs. She was going to reach out to Bob if she was interested in opening a CD and noted how well of a job he did helping her with her Medicare coverage!

Compliment received by: Abby Sears
Given by: Danielle Trumbauer/Customer Maureen P.
Was at a grad party on Saturday and was talking with Maureen P.  She said she loves working with Abby and that she is so organized and helpful whenever she needs assistance.  Said she's great!!

Compliment received by: Heather Even
Given by: Mindy Hendrickson
Heather helped a customer with her i-banking authorization to do a wire, while I was out of the office.  She stepped in and solved the customer's problem quickly and responded to the customer when the issue was fixed.  The customer was happy and very impressed with the quick service!  Thank you Heather!!

Compliment received by: Tom Amlie
Given by: Haleigh Sperfslage/Customers Merima and Mel O.
I referred Merima Okanovic and her husband, Mel, to Tom to finance commercial space in Waterloo. Merima stopped by the Tower Park office to share they had a great experience working with Tom. Merima stated Mel even mentioned how much of a breeze Tom made the financing process go (Mel can be difficult to please, so this says a lot!). Great work Tom!

Compliment received by: Elizabeth Maletta
Given by: Kara Larson
Just wanted to give Elizabeth a s/o for helping a lot at the Waverly branch within the transition and always being willing to take on/ be helpful in anything I ask. I appreciate her flexibility and willingness to step in!

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