Monthly Wellness Webinar/Monthly Motivator

Madisen Ryan Shepard
July 5, 2023

I hope you had a sun soaked 4th of July holiday and are ready for EFR’s wellness activities for the month.  

Check out our Monthly Motivator!

In July we are going to commit to connection! Spending time connecting with others is one way to foster social wellbeing. Link to the July calendar is listed below.

Check out our Monthly Wellness Webinar!

Our wellness webinar this month brings a new meaning to our monthly theme connection.  In this webinar, Gut Check! How to Improve Health Through your Gut, we take a look at how taking care of our gut is an important connection to overall health. In this webinar you’ll learn how gut health impacts your overall health from immunity, weight, and disease risk. Join this webinar on Wednesday, July 19th at 1PM so you can learn how to nourish and feed your gut for long lasting health! Use the link below to register for the event!

Monthly Motivator:,E,X,T&H=bdabe39f746ada3dd6a070e2f8aba02c84d132c0


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