New Checking Postcard Dropping to Local Residents

Shelby Myler
April 3, 2023

New checking postcard will be dropping to area residents in Bremer, Black Hawk & Buchanan Counties, plus a radius around the DSM branch. A younger Gen Z market is the target for the ad. Keeping the content light & not geared towards a specific checking account. At the teen to early 20's age range there is a lot of variability on which kind of account may be the best fit. They could be getting their first job, or graduating college, so we'll lead them in the direction to make their own decisions vs the hard sell of a specific account.

Preview of the card & the mailing schedule can be found on the SharePoint Calendar & the marketing page.

As a reminder, there are a number of marketing reports in SharePoint

  • Website Trends - data on, users, pages they visit, where they come from, etc.
  • Commercials Report - updated monthly with data on streaming TV ads
  • FSB Overview Report - updated monthly with data on paid ads on Google & Facebook

If you have any questions or want clarification on any of the above please reach out to the Marketing Dept.

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