New Feature on FSB-U: American Mogul

Madisen Ryan Shepard
April 24, 2024

Our training partner, BVS, has enhanced Dynamic Learning with American Mogul—a game that is now built into all of your BVS courses. The game lets you win American Mogul "dollars" every time you make a correct decision in an interaction within a course or on a course final exam. The more correct decisions you make, the more American Mogul dollars you earn. Make enough correct decisions and you become an American Mogul billionaire.

There are 10 levels on the way to becoming an American Mogul billionaire. At each of these levels you will get a prize of one sort or another. Taking training courses has never been this much fun.

The more you play, the more you win! Take a look at the American Mogul video located on your BVS dashboard. Let’s get started!

*Please note that HR and Managers are still in the process of determining curriculums for each department. In the meantime however, feel free to start exploring the platform and taking courses as you see fit. Thank you for your continued patience while we take on implementing this project!

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