November Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
December 6, 2023

Read below for all the compliments in November. Compliments have begun to slow down a bit so lets all try to finish out the year strong and take an opportunity to recognize your coworkers for all the great things they do!

The randomly selected $25 Amazon gift card winners are Kristin Walters (receiver) and Jacey Cordes (giver).

Giver: Kate Reicherts

Receiver: Kara Larson

Kara assisted with a customer who gets confused and frustrated about a tax credit that she should be getting and isn't by September and affects her analysis. The credit is for low income/elderly so any dramatic increase is felt very negatively. We have been trying to understand her process as she worked with an LO who is no longer here and left no follow up on what was being helped with creating some frustration on our side too. Kara was able to collect what she needed to pass back to me and I do have it now resolved with solutions going forward, but couldn't do that without Kara's professional assistance. Thank you Kara!!

Giver: Jen Marlin

Receiver: Haleigh Sperfslage

Haleigh had an early closing so when someone was at the door at 8:45, she assumed it was for her.  It turns out it was a bank client who was just here before we were open.  The front line was not ready so Haleigh took the client into her office and helped her out.  She went above and beyond her "job duties" to make sure our bank client was taken care of!

Giver: Jen Marlin

Receiver: Lydia Varboncoeur

Myrvik and I were in Philadelphia for a full work week for week leaving all Ops tasks to Lydia.  This would be a major task for anyone let alone for someone who is still learning the ropes.  She did amazing when we were gone and we were able to come back with everything in control and taken care of!  Thanks Lydia for making our time away less stressful!

Giver: Luke Knutson

Receiver: Austin Harris

I manage a client, DSK Residential Holdings / Stephanie Kruse, who has several rental properties and they escrow tax and insurance. It has proven to be very complex and there's a lot of questions in recent years with their insurance changing and what is and what isn't escrowed. Frankly, they have been somewhat difficult to manage to keep it all straight. This year, they changed insurance agencies and moved a lot of round and ultimately - it got resolved today. When Stephanie brought in her new ins. binders, she had written notes to tell me that Austin Harris went above and beyond to get this straightened out and help Stephanie. She was extremely grateful for Austin's service on this and his ability to help her through this process. As the main contact for Steph and Dave, I can't thank Austin enough for making my life easier and treating the client with great service and shedding FSB in a positive light. Fantastic service Austin and thank you!

Giver: Lizzy Weber

Receiver: Adam Heineman

In the manager meeting I asked/suggested DG put a note on coversheets after they've done their review to let us know that they have been reviewed/completed by DG. It helps us delete things we may have submitted as well as send customer copies knowing they were correct and completed. I've started noticing there is a reviewed note on them and my staff has already commented how nice it is to know it is done. Thank you for listening, Adam!

Giver: Elizabeth Maletta

Receiver: Kristin Walters

Kristin provided excellent customer service to a customer who was upset about his wife's passing.  She was compassionate and really made the process of removing his wife from accounts an easier process.  Thank you for providing excellent customer service!

Giver: Kristin Walters

Receiver: Angie Sabers

We did not have a branch manager at Tower Park for a Friday Afternoon. Things got a little crazy with International Students cashing checks, a CD Renewal, and other odd requests. Angie did a great job assisting us with the questions we had, and even took the CD customer to her office. You are a great asset to have! Thank you for your willingness to always step in when needed!

Giver: Nick Delagardelle

Receiver: Ross Jensen

Shout out to Ross, the Construct Rockstar! Rose Cottage Villas had their Business Manager out of the office and needed to submit a draw request. No one else in their office knew how to submit the draw request in Construct, so I passed along their email to Ross and he took care of everything and uploaded it all to Construct. The draw was processed very quickly and without issues. Thank you, Ross, I know the customer appreciated the help and how you made it super easy on them while their Business Manager was out.

Giver: Lizzy Weber

Receiver: Scott Waechter

A couple years ago we did a push for Premier clients in Jesup/Dunk to meet with Scott and it went over well. Bonnie came into Dunk today and told me how grateful she was that I reached out and she ended up doing an Annuity and she earned over 3K just last year and has since taken out another one. She's very happy with FSB and the steps we took to better help her!

Giver: Jordan Nomansen

Receiver: Lexie Heath

Lexie and I work together every day, so this is one of many accounts that I have asked her to open. Today, I had a loan customer that wanted to open their deposit accounts, and Lexie created and printed everything while he was sitting in my office (less than five minutes turnaround time). 10 minutes later, Nick Robert's reached out about needing his account opened, and Lexie quickly generated documents for six new accounts. Lexie is extremely well versed, reliable, and straight up good at her job. Thank you Lexie for all your help!

Giver: Haleigh Sperfslage

Receiver: Kacie McCahen

I have a purchase where the buyer wanted to bump closing up last minute by over a week to move in before the holidays. Kacie jumped on this right away to ensure we could make this happen. Not only did she make this work, but she also made this work by juggling her personal/work schedule with having a sick kiddo along with staying at work late tonight. The buyer told me "you are the best" but I let her know Kacie is the best!

Giver: Lauren Woods

Receiver: Tiffany Garrison

Thank you Tiffany for being proactive and taking charge of the changes that we have made in VB for falcon alerts. You've been going above and beyond by contacting the customers in as many ways as possible! I really appreciate it!

Giver: Jacey Cordes

Receiver: Shane Illing

Shane is always consistent with his notes on the ILextensions that come through. It is really helpful to the booking team to knowwhich payment is being skipped so we don't have to go digging around. We reallyappreciate the extra time he takes to add that for us. Thanks Shane!

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