November Monthly Motivator and Wellness Webinar

Madisen Ryan Shepard
November 1, 2023

The holiday season is upon us and in preparation for Thanksgiving this month, we encourage you to commit to gratitude! The November monthly motivator focuses on cultivating gratitude in your life so that you can experience this positive emotion of being thankful and appreciative, which has been shown to offer many physical and mental health benefits. Whether you make a gratitude jar, write a thank you note to a family member or friend, or take the opportunity to thank a colleague, there are many ways to practice gratitude this month.

Click here to download the November calendar and see if you can commit to at least three gratitude activities provided.

Don’t take your body for granted! Join us for our November wellness webinar “Healthy Body Mechanics for an Active Lifestyle” on November 15th at 1pm. In this webinar, we explore how the ways in which we move as we go about our daily lives has a direct impact on the health of our body. Things like poor body mechanics cause pain, injury and unnecessary wear and tear that have lasting effects. Learn how maintaining proper body mechanics in daily activities can help strengthen and protect your body and allow you to lead the most active life possible.

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