Premier update for Waterloo Blackhawks referral incentive

Bob Hansen
November 8, 2023
I wanted to share an update on the referral incentive that Premier kicked off last month and has going on until 12/28/2023.  As of the writing of this we have 14 people who have sent referrals that have qualified them for this Premier event!  Looking at the list, this is shaping up to be a fun group and you don't want to miss out!!  There is still plenty of time to get your name on the list by making a referral to Premier.
Here are some easy ways to have referral conversations with customers, friends and family:

Do you know anyone who has had a recent life event like getting married, buying a house or had a child? They would benefit from a life insurance review.
Do you know anyone who has left a job and wants to talk about the old 401k plan they have and what their options are?  How about someone who needs to start an IRA for themselves, their spouse or a minor child?
Are your parents or grandparents on Medicare? Odds are they have questions on Medicare, and we can help.  We currently work with a lot of the parents of FSB staff.

We are looking forward to ending the year strong and appreciate your help! Refer and come celebrate on the Budweiser party deck with fellow coworkers and Premier!

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