Realtime GL Postings

Wes Becker
May 12, 2023

The very last piece of our Realtime environment is getting the internal GLs set to Realtime(RT).

One of the biggest benefits of this will be the ability to know/see the offsetting transaction immediately by either going to the specific GL and/or clicking on the TranSet button for the transaction that you just posted (previously you had to wait until the next day to see where the money went or how it affected GLs).  

Ex. You post a 300 loan payment online to a customer's loan or a 117 Misc Credit to a CK account, but don't take the funds from a CK/SV account.  The system will automatically offset a GL account.  After you post the transaction, you can highlight it and click on "TranSet" and it will display what GL it went into.  You can then go to that GL and you will see it immediately in the history.  

An item to note- If you are balancing a GL account you will need to look at the date within the history as they could/will be stuff posting through the current day that you wouldn't want to include in your balancing.

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