Relaunching the 2024 Wellness Challenge!

Madisen Ryan Shepard
January 30, 2024
Due to some miscommunication and crazy end of year schedules, the original launch of the 2024 Wellness Challenge slipped through the cracks. So, to give everyone a fresh start we've decided to relaunch the Wellness Challenge with a new start date of 2/1/24! Details of the challenge can be found below. Please use the survey link to sign up no later than 1/30/24!

On 1/31/24 all participants will receive additional details regarding tracking/scoring/etc. in a group email.

FSB’s 5 Week Wellness Challenge

The Wellness Committee is excited to announce a 5 week challenge that is FSB’s version of a 75 hard! We’re making a 75 hard a little more friendly! The principles are the same: move consistently, drink water, eat well, and enhance your well-being with reading.

Here are the activities of the challenge:

1) 30 minute workouts 5 days per week

2) 100 oz of water or half your body weight in water 5 days per week

3) 3 servings of fruits and veggies 5 days per week

4) 10 pages or 10 minutes of reading something that benefits you

There are 4 activities of the challenge. Each activity completed gets you 1 point. The total number of points that you can get is 100 through the life of the challenge, so 20 per week. For example, if you work out 4 times in the week for 30 minutes, eat your fruits and veggies 3 days in the week, drink your water 3 days in the week, and read on 4 days then your total points for the week would be 14 points for the week.

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