October Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
November 3, 2023

Thank you to all those who submitted a compliment to shout out their coworkers last month! If you've never submitted a compliment before, I encourage you to make it a goal to shout someone out in November. The randomly selected winners of the $25 Amazon gift cards are Laruen Woods (giver) and Pam de Neui (Receiver).

Keep up the great work, everyone!!

Giver: Nick Delagardelle

Receiver: Jacob Hackman

Jacob happened to be at TP when Dustin and I needed some help with a new potential SBA loan. Jacob was willing and able to help us through the whole process the entire way through closing the loan. I appreciate the help and hard work, Jacob. Thank you!

Giver: Lauren Woods

Receiver: Audrey Clayton

We have had issues with opening CDs online with ACH funding since Oflows times. Audrey took the time to research the best way for us to do this and communicated it easily and effectively. Thank you!

Giver: Haleigh Sperfslage

Receiver: Rachel Denicus

Rachel and I have been working with a sweet 81 year old seller who sold her home as FSBO. She stated Rachel was not only efficient, but also so great to work with. Thank you for taking care of both of our buyers and sellers, Rachel!

Giver: Kelli Even

Receiver: Garrett Weber

The files and supporting crystal reports were quickly restored and moved to a secured IT location to avoid this from occurring in the future.  Due to Garrett quick action there we no impacts to the loans.

Giver: Dorothy Back

Receiver: Sara Hellman

We had a customer in Waverly come in with an IBanking issue we haven't seen before. After attempting to troubleshoot in-branch I put out a call for help to VB via email and Sara IMMEDIATELY responded and was able to help me and the customer in a matter of seconds! We greatly appreciate her expertise and quick thinking! Thank you Sara!!

Giver: Jen Marlin

Receiver: Karla Tri

The Ops department in Premier has been extremely busy recently with the transition to Schwab.  We reached out to Karla to help on a project and not only did she complete it in an incredibly efficient manner, she was so kind and eager to help us out!  Thank you so much Karla!  You Rock!

Giver: Kristin Walters

Receiver: Lydia Varboncoeur

We were very busy on the frontline during Octoberfest and unfortunately were not able to make it outside. Lydia was very kind and offered to get us drinks/snacks. We said pumpkin bars sounded good, she came back with a whole package for the two of us! Thank you Lydia for including us in the fun! 🙂

Giver: Vicki Parsons

Receiver: Lexie Heath

I talked with Cyd from The Job Foundation this morning.  She let me know that they are in the process of moving the kids accounts to FSB and that Lexie has been awesome to work with! She said she moved the high school kids accounts over last night and it only took her 6 minutes to move 11 accounts.  She was very excited about the partnership with FSB.  Thanks Lexie for all your help with this!

Giver: Lizzy Weber

Receiver: Pam de Neui

Pam is so lucky to get all of my/Jesup's complicated IRA (and more) questions. She's always happy to guide us in the right direction and it never seems bothersome for her. Thank you for always being willing to help us in a pinch, esp when a customer is in front of us.

Giver: Hilary Denk

Receiver: Josh Nolan

Josh has really helped out the ML processors with all of our IT needs over the last few months. He knows that a lot of us are in before anyone from IT is here in the morning and comes down right away to trouble shoot our issues. He always as a great attitude when he comes down knowing we are most likely annoyed or frustrated with our computers. We appreciate all his hard work!

Giver: Jen Marlin

Receiver: Elizabeth Maletta

There was a very combative customer using foul language who would not give up on arguing with Elizabeth.  She kept calm the entire time, showed empathy toward his frustrations but also did not back down on the reasoning behind his debit card being cancelled (I believe this was the issue... I was just observing).  I was so impressed at how Elizabeth handled this difficult situation and she deserves to be applauded!  Way to go Elizabeth!

Giver: Erica Schroeder

Receiver: Grant Stevens

Wanted to give a shout out to Grant for jumping in last minute to help with some time sensitive files this week when I had to take off early due to a sick kiddo!  I appreciate how he is always willing to answer and help with any questions I have on files and takes the time to make sure I understand. Thank you!

Giver: Erica Schroeder

Receiver: Hilary Denk

Wanted to give a big thank you to Hilary for helping out with some time sensitive things on my files when I had to take off early due to a sick kiddo this week! I am so thankful to have such a great and supportive supervisor who is always willing to help out and answer questions!

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