Shared Employee Calendar Updates and Resources

Vicki Parsons
December 5, 2023

Due to the recent Outlook migration, we no longer have access to the FSB wide Shared Employee Calendar to show time away from the office to coworkers. The article below from Microsoft explains how to add time away to coworkers calendars. Please review the steps. We are on Classic Outlook. 

Add time away from the office to coworkers' Outlook calendars - Microsoft Support 

Important reminders:

  1. It is up to each manager to determine who on the team needs to be notified when you are planning time away from work. 
  2. For multiple days away from work, please complete one calendar invite covering all days vs. creating one for each day you are out.
  3. You must enter PTO to Paylocity when you are planning to be out of the office.  Reminders are sent every Monday to review your timecard for accuracy. Again, you may complete one request to cover multiple days out of the office. Please take a moment every Monday to log in to Paylocity and verify you’ve appropriately entered your time and time off requests.
  4. Please change your status in Ring Central when you are out of the office or away as well to help alert coworkers when you unavailable. Don’t forget to change it back to available when you return.

Sharing your status in the RingCentral app

If you have questions about how to add a calendar invite, please contact Vicki Parsons or Bryan Stow and they will be happy to assist you. 


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