Virtual Branch Updates

Lauren Woods
November 28, 2023

We recently said goodbye to Austin Harris as he is moving on in his career to John Deere.

We welcomed Daniel Ramirez to the team a few months ago. He has been an awesome addition. It has been fun yet challenging as Daniel came to the bank with no banking experience. We have taken him from minimal banking knowledge to answering calls on his own while at a different branch. His ability to think on his feet, friendly nature, and desire to learn more has helped him tremendously. He will continue to work out of the Des Moines location.

Things that are keeping us busy: it’s delay a pay season, 2000+ online banking passwords expire next week, customers are more susceptible to being scammed by “amazing deals” over the holidays, and CD renewals. Shane continues to process installment loan and credit card applications. He received tier 2 approval last month to be able to better serve our online applicants. He has also been the primary on working the delay a pay applications that we receive. On top of taking care of customers Sara has been assisting with lots of deposit QC tasks. Her attention to detail is unmatched. Zack continues to grow his knowledge in general. His can-do attitude is so helpful when it comes to tasks that need done immediately.

Falcon alerts have primarily transitioned to VB. Tiffany Garrison has been assigned as the primary to working the falcon alerts. She is using every method possible to contact these customers. Phone call, email, Q2 message, AND now texting through Phoenix. If your customer asks you if someone from VB would be texting them from a 855 phone number, the answer is possibly. You can check to see if someone texted the customer by going to the customer’s RIM and selecting Contact History. If you select the details you will be able to see the message as well. There is a small group of employees that have access to this feature.

We created the Business Support team to help support the Business Bankers and Abby. The team consists of Tiffany Garrison, Alex Main, Zack Lane, and me. There is a phone number that goes to the team (319-874-4503) and an email address of We continue to learn daily on subjects that we have had exposure to for a long time, but we are now figuring out the in-depth details. Adam, Wes, and Abby have been patient and helpful as we learn more in these roles, so a huge shout out to them for working with us!

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