VISA Debit Cards - VISA Secure - Effective August 8th, 2023

Adam Heineman
July 20, 2023

Effective August 8th, VISA Secure will be automatically enabled for all our cardholders.  VISA Secure is a service that provides an additional layer of protection for buyers shopping online.  When a transaction is scored as risky/potentially fraudulent, an OTP (One-Time Passcode) will be sent to the customers phone number to be utilized with the purchase.  This phone number is coming from our systems, so it is important that whenever we interact with our customer, we receive or confirm their contact information so we can ensure that their purchasing habits are met with very little interruption.  

Below is a link from VISA explaining the service.

• If your cardholders are prompted with inaccurate or non-mobile phone numbers, they will not be able to complete their purchase until their information is updated. The cardholder should reach out to your financial institution to adjust their phone numbers, and then your financial institution can update it with SHAZAM. Note: Corrections made to phone numbers inside SHAZAM Access are immediate, so the cardholder would be able to re-try their transactions once their information is updated with SHAZAM.

• We encourage you to communicate this upcoming feature to your cardholders, so they know what to expect. Again, this does not impact all transactions but applies to participating ecommerce merchants.

• Advise your cardholders that SHAZAM’s logo will appear on the checkout screen to prompt the cardholder to receive and enter an OTP.

• Cardholders are able to enter the OTP twice incorrectly with a lock-out occurring on the third failed attempt. After the third failed attempt, the cardholder will receive a message to call the financial institution.

• This is an improved experience for cardholders as these transactions may have previously declined during authentication.

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