Wellness Webinar from EFR

Madisen Ryan Shepard
April 26, 2024

To support your mental health, join us for our monthly wellness webinar “Sparking Joy” on May 1 at 10am with Scarlett Lunning! Whether it’s a bright spark coming from a campfire or fireflies congregating at the edge of a forest, experiencing ephemeral bits of light lifts your spirit. Learn how to access your internal wisdom to spark more joy in your life and understand the connection between joy, wellbeing, and relationships! Click here https://clicktime.cloud.postoffice.net/clicktime.php?U=https%3A%2F%2Fattendee.gotowebinar.com%2Fregister%2F2306571320331669845&E=mshepard%40fsb1879.com&X=XID597CDPsA17579Xd3&T=WTLO&HV=U,E,X,T&H=1685124b8e4bc2718268c390abe22cae1b008ce3  to register.

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