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More Than a Bank. A Family With Generations of Experience.

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Bringing the Best of Local Banking to Iowa.

At FSB we continually strive to maintain a high level of customer service. FSB is proud to be a financial institution that is big enough to serve all your financial needs, yet small enough to care about how those needs are met.

Building Your Success

Built on the solid foundations of the past, FSB offers local service, solid advice, integrity, and experience, but now on a much grander scale. Originally FSB specialized in agricultural loans, but has evolved into a full-service bank offering all the services to that of a corporate bank. We still prefer names to account numbers and addresses to loan numbers. Relationship-based banking makes sense to us and it’s just how we do business.

A History of Community

FSB has been an integral part of the Cedar Valley for more than 140 years, and we are excited to expand that legacy in Des Moines. We take pride in involving ourselves in each community we serve, and our success and longevity is fueled by being truthful and establishing lifelong relationships.

We want to make sure our people are active participants in the communities we serve as well. As a locally-owned bank we not only expect our employees to be involved, we celebrate and support their efforts as they share their time, treasures and talents to enhance the community.

We are passionate about banking and its connection to the biggest milestones in our customers’ lives. From buying a house to starting a business, it is our privilege to be a part of their journey.

As we grow, we believe that building personal relationships and providing cutting-edge banking products and services will produce lifelong customers.

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FSB Leadership Team

Rod Duroe
Rod Duroe
Ryan Risetter
Ryan Risetter
Executive Vice President, Private Banker
Dustin Thorson
Dustin Thorson
Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

FSB Board of Directors

Albert Duroe,  Andy Van Fleet, Ben Squires, John White, Michael Fereday, Roger Hershberger, Sue Duroe, Tim Breitbach, Todd Rohlfsen

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