Credit and Debit Card Services

Put Purchasing Power in Your Pocket

More convenient than checks. Safer than cash. Accepted by millions of locations around the world. Just a few of the reasons you want a card from FSB in your wallet.

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Lost or Stolen Card

We're just a call or click away.

If you have lost your FSB card, or it has been stolen, the FIRST THING you need to do is deactivate your card to protect your account. During regular business hours contact any FSB location via phone, email or chat. After hours contact the appropriate number below.

Fraud Services

Everyday safeguards to keep your account secure.

At FSB, safeguarding your information is a top priority. Using an FSB card is always more secure than carrying cash or checks. Our debit and credit cards come with 24/7 monitoring and alerts so you know the second your card is compromised.

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24/7 Fraud Monitoring
Fraud Alerts via Text Message
More Secure than Cash
Track Spending via I-Banking

Mobile Wallet

Leave your wallet at home.

Add your FSB debit or credit card to the most popular mobile wallets. A mobile wallet is just like your everyday wallet, except that it's a digital version on a smartphone, tablet, or watch. Plus, it comes with lots of benefits. Enjoy more peace of mind by easily keeping up with your purchases. It's a no brainer solution for making secure, easy mobile payments.

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Speedy Checkout
Leave Your Card at Home
Shop Securely
Efficient & Easy

Travel Alerts

Let us know before you go.

Unusual purchases may cause a fraud alert and block the use of your debit or credit card when traveling abroad. To avoid this inconvenience please notify us when and where you will be traveling outside of the United States.

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Send us a message in I-Banking.

phonetContact a Branch

Contact a branch via phone.

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