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Business Services

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ACH Services

The right tools for building success.

ACH Services are a cost-effective way to pay vendors and employees. Slash expenses for printing, distributing, and reconciling paper checks. Ideal for repeat payables such as payroll, interest, pensions, expense reimbursements or accounts receivable.

Remote Deposit Capture

Spend less time depositing checks and more time running your business.

FSB’s Remote Deposit Capture is simple. Make unlimited deposits from your home or office. Securely scan and send deposits via a designated workstation and a check scanner using a secure 128 bit encrypted website.

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Fraud Prevention

Combat ACH and Check Fraud

Business accounts are more vulnerable than ever. FSB can help protect your business with 2 fraud-prevention services - Positive Pay and ACH Debit Block. Use positive pay to minimize fraud-related losses by reducing your exposure to check fraud. ACH Debit Block protects your business against unauthorized ACH transactions.

Merchant Services

Convenience for you and your customers.

Accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment for goods and services sold to your customers. Save time and money by not having to collect on returned checks. Easily track account activity online with FSB I-Banking.

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