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Bill Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer funds to accounts at another financial institution?
Can a payee see my payment comment?
Can I make payments on a holiday or weekend?
How do I rush a payment?
Can I track a rush payment?
Do I need to set up payees for each checking account?
Is there a cutoff date for editing or stopping a payment?
How does autopay work?
Can I pay my bills in advance of when the payment is due?
Can I add another pay from account?
How long does it take to process Bill Pay transactions?
How do I add a payee in Bill Pay?
How do I show a payee again after I've hidden it?
How do I know the payment went through when using Bill Pay?
What is my transaction history?
How do I set up a person-to-person payment?
How long are records stored in my transaction history?
What is an eBill?
Can I see payments that will process more than 45 days from now?
Why is there a limit on the number of payees I can pay at one time?
What are payee categories?
How can I pay bills online using my checking account?
How do check memos work?
Can I setup reminders when sending a bill payment?
How do I set up recurring payments?
How do I hide a payee?
What is a rush payment?
What is the Payment Calendar and how do I use it?
Why does my dashboard say attention required?
How do I view my personal information?
When is my account debited for a scheduled payment?
How do I edit pay from account information?
How do I schedule an alert or reminder for myself?
How do I set up an eBill?