Frequently Asked Questions

How does a chip card work?
What are the daily purchase and withdrawal limits?
What if I forget my PIN number for my debit card?
What information is stored in the chip?
I have noticed fraud on my debit card what do I do?
How do I replace a damaged debit card?
Can I raise my debit card limits?
Where can I use my chip card?
How do I dispute a debit card charge?
How do I put travel alerts on my card?
Card Safety Tips
How do I get a replacement debit or card?
What do I do if my debit card is not working or has been blocked during non-business hours?
Why does my FSB card include a chip?
What if the retailer is not equipped to accept an EMV card?
My debit card is going to expire, how do I get a new one?
What if I lose my check card

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