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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Transfer Funds to Another FSB Account?
How do I install the mobile app to my phone or tablet?
Can I remember my account on another computer?
How to transfer to or from an external account.
Can I use Touch Authentication on my mobile device?
How do I search for a specific date range in my account history?
Can I use this on my phone/tablet?
How do I set up an automatic loan payment?
How do I download and import my statements into QuickBooks or Quicken?
How do I reset or change my I-Banking login password?
Account Nickname
How to take a loan advance
How do I send a secure message about my account?
Is there an online resource for help?
How do I order checks?
I registered my browser or device during a previous login, but now I need to register it again. Why?
How do I change my User ID for I-Banking?
Can I arrange the order in which my accounts are displayed?
Recommended security measures and online safety tips
What phones are able to use the mobile app?
How to do an account to account transfer
How do I change a transaction category?
What is the Online Activity Center?
Will I have access to my e-statement history?
How do I view & print statements, notices and tax documents?
How do I sign up for text banking?
How will the transactions look in my account history?
Can I, my spouse and children remember our accounts on the same PC?
How do I deposit a check with my cell phone?
How do I update login credentials for linked accounts?
What is a secure access code?
Should I register my device?
What are the text banking commands?
How can I pay bills online using my checking account?
How do I make a FSB credit card payment?
How do I remove accounts from Online Banking?
How do I set up Account Alerts?
How do I stop payments on a check?
What does "Remember me" mean?
How do I change contact information for Secure Access Code?
What is the Personal Financial Management feature?
How do I get set up for I-Banking?
How do I dispute a debit card transaction?
How do I view my account history?
How do I edit recurring transactions in I-Banking?
How do I link non-FSB accounts?
What do I do if I forgot my I-Banking login password?
Are there minimum browser requirements?