Delay an Auto Loan Payment

Take A Month Off From Your Loan Payment

There are many reasons a monthly payment could be a financial strain like a temporary reduction in income, school or unforeseen expenses, such as car repair or medical bills. Maybe you need the extra cash to pay for holiday bills or a vacation. Whatever the reason FSB is here to help.

Delay a Payment on FSB Auto Loans

This application is for customers who wish to defer one month of their current auto loan payment.

* If you wish to defer payments on more than one loan, please submit this application for each loan individually.

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Delay a Pay Details: 

  • Only available for FSB Auto Loans. Not available for Home Loans, Lines of Credit, Credit Cards, Commercial Loans.
  • Loan must be at least 6 months old.
  • A deferral fee of $30 will be assessed and included with your last payment, this may increase the payment due at time of maturity.
  • Your deferred payment will extend the maturity date of your note by one month.
  • Interest will continue to accrue, and your normal payment will resume the following month.
  • Exceeding 2 or more payment extensions during the life of the loan for customers with GAP insurance may result in reduction of GAP insurance.
  • Applications for deferments may be subject to additional underwriting guidelines depending on loan type. All deferments are subject to approval.