The Just Ask Button

The Just Ask Button

Just Ask is a search engine designed to help you find items faster in Internet Banking.

Search Commands
You can search through the Just Ask box at the top of the screen. To complete a search, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the arrow to the right of the box to enlarge the box.
  2. Type in the command for the search you would like to attempt.
  3. Finally, click on the arrow to commence the search.

The following keyword searches are available for account holders.

  • Balance: Displays balances available.
  • Balance sheet: Displays all of the balance sheets.
  • Bill pay: Displays list of scheduled payments and payment preferences.
  • Chart: Type Chart balance or Chart history to view the appropriate charts.
  • Change: Displays screens to change data, such as Change PIN.
  • Edit: Displays screens to edit data, such as Edit PIN (similar to the change command).
  • History: Displays history for all accounts and search options.
  • Help: Displays commands to view the help sections for both Just Ask and Internet Banking.
  • Mfa (or questions): Displays multi-factor authentication challenge questions for viewing/editing.
  • Password (or PIN): Directs to the change password screen.
  • Pay: Directs to bill payment screens, such as “Pay utility company.”
  • Payee: Directs to the list of bill pay payees.
  • Show: Displays data. For example, Show balance displays summary of checking, savings, and loan balances. Show history displays last 30 days of history.
  • Spend: Directs to checking transactions.
  • Tell: Displays data. For example, Tell Balance displays summary of checking, savings, and loan balances. Tell History displays last 30 days of history (much like the Show command).
  • Transfer: Displays screen to initiate a transfer.
  • Update: Displays appropriate screens to make changes.

Keyword searches such as bill pay, history, and chart can be much more detailed than these key words. For more information on this, click here.

Ability to Nickname and Save Searches
You can create a nickname for one of your previous searches. To create a nickname, go to the History tab at the bottom of the pane as pictured below.

By clicking on History, you can view the screen below.

The following headers display at the top of the screen.

  • Question: Phrase or search previously attempted. Any valid question can be assigned a shortcut.
  • Shortcut: Add a nickname or shortcut to the particular question.
  • Arrow: Removes or adds the shortcut option for editing.
  • Count: Number of requests in history for that particular command or question.

From here, click the green plus sign under Short Cut to add a new nickname. Type in the short cut and this creates a nickname for that particular search.

The most common three searches are displayed to the right of the text box, as shown below. The number in parentheses is the number of searches which you have attempted.