At Farmers State Bank, debit cards come with many benefits that allow customers freedom to handle their banking independently.  Here are 3 benefits of using an FSB debit card:

1.      Change PIN At Any Time

Debit card holders can change their PIN anytime thanks to Shazam’s 24-hour automated service. You will need to call the interactive voice response (IVR) number at 1-800-717-4923 and follow the voice prompts to enter the required information. Be sure to have your card nearby, as you will need to verify card details.

TIP: Users must call from the phone number on file for the debit card; the system will not allow you to change the PIN if you call from a different number. Contact us if you need this phone number changed.

REMINDER: Do not write down or share your PIN with anyone, including your financial institution, law enforcement, or family.

2.      Turn Off Debit Card

An FSB debit card provides customers a digital “on/off” switch that allows holders to remotely turn off the card if lost or misplaced. This is the perfect way to ensure no one can use the card if it ends up in the wrong hands. Cardholders must be enrolled in I-banking to use this service.

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3.      More Transactions, More Benefits

FSB debit cards are useful for earning additional benefits. All FSB Checking Accounts are able to earn a monthly rebate or interest – depending on the account – with just a few monthly requirements. All debit cards are also compatible with mobile wallet apps, which makes meeting those transaction requirements even easier.

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If you have any issues using your debit card, please contact us at our page or call our customer call center at 1-877-FSB-1879.

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