FSB is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sidecar Coffee at our Cedar Falls 1st and Hudson location. A bank inside a coffee shop? Yup, you read that right. We’re reinventing the banking experience to be more relaxed and fit in with your daily life.

As the use of technology grows, many traditional tasks are being replaced with digital solutions. As with the post office and drug stores,visits to the bank are often considered a chore. Our goal is to turn banking into a stress-free experience rather than another errand to run.

If you have a smart phone, odds are, that’s where you’redoing the majority of your banking. While that technology is making your life easier, it’s not building confident money relationships. We’re here to answer those questions and assist with digital banking tools. It’s financial help when you need it, and a nice place to drink coffee when you don’t.

FSB Staff is here to help you with:

   ·  Accounts & Loans - A private office is availablefor in-depth conversations, opening accounts, and loan applications.

   · Tech Help – Sick of asking your kids for helpwith your phone? We’re here to help with FSB online banking or the mobile app.

   · Deposit Checks - We like to see you, but haveyou tried mobile deposit? We can save you a trip to the bank.

   · Questions - Advice for paying off student-loan debt, personal budgets, or startinga business.

While we are excited to bring this innovative concept to the Cedar Valley, it does have its drawbacks. Staff at this location is unable to handle cash. Yes, a bank without cash. Again, technology is redefining the way we use our money. Credit cards, debit cards and mobile wallets are becoming the preferred payment methods for consumers. Which means the number of people walking into a brick-and-mortar bank to deposit or withdraw cash is less and less.

This may leave you asking, “what do I do with my cash?”

   · Deposits - Cash can be deposited into the night drop box on the north side of the building.

   · Withdrawals - Use any ATM to take cash from your account. Reminder, funds are available immediately after deposit.

The Cedar Falls Main Street location is also able help with any other cash related needs.

This concept may not be totally new to banking, but we are very excited to bring this new idea to the Cedar Valley. We invite everyone to stop in, grab a cup of coffee, use our free wi-fi, and see what this new location is all about.

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