The goal of Hive Coworking is to support the re-invigorated business community of the Cedar Valley. By providing a collaborative, inspiring place to work and a sense of community, we want to help keep talented entrepreneurs and small business in the area. The space also gives FSB a greater opportunity to serve local businesses with a strategic partnership to help them grow and thrive.

We feel we are not only providing a place for people to meet, work and grow their business, but also a gathering spot for groups of all kinds to network and grow our community.

Recognizing the vacant 3rd floor office at Tower Parkas an investment opportunity and wanting to add flexible workspace to what we believe is an underserved market, FSB began construction of the space in late 2019. With COVID-19 mandated shutdowns occurring not long after construction began, we were able to make changes to plans for the work space, including implementing a floor plan more conducive to professional distancing. As companies look to navigate the post-COVID waters, we anticipate that flexible office space will continue to be highly sought after as employees return to working in person.

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