Maybe you spent the day running errands and can’t find your debit card. Did you lose it at the grocery store? Leave it at the restaurant? You think you might be able to track it down, but then again, it could be in the clutches of some rogue racing right now to buy expensive electronics.

FSB has added a digital “on/off switch” that allows you to remotely turn off your FSB debit card until you find it.

If your card is missing, but you don’t think it’s gone for good, activating a digital on/off switch saves you the hassle of calling the bank, reporting that your card has been lost, and then waiting for a new card to be issued. This is also a great option for cards that may not be used regularly or for "emergency only." Turn these cards off until they need to be used.

To turn your card "Off/On":

  • Log into FSB I-banking.
  • In the left menu select Services, then select Card Services.
  • This screen shows all active and suspended cards.
  • To temporarily turn off your card select Deactivate.
  • Once the card is found, turn the card back on by clicking Activate.

Note: Once a card has been deactivated, no transactions can be processed until the user reactivates the card. If you wish to request a new card, please contact the Bank at 1-877-372-1879 for assistance.

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