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Debit Card Controls
September 11, 2023

Control, security, and peace of mind ― that's what you get when you use FSB Card Controls. You determine how, when, and where your card is used. Set spending limits, manage alerts, create and edit travel plans, receive real-time notifications, and know that you can turn a card off (or back on) any time you need to. Integrated card controls for FSB debit cards can be found within I-banking online or via the mobile app.

Card Control Features: 
  • Activate New Cards: No need to call the 800 number on the card, simply activate online
  • Turn Cards On/Off: Instantly protect your debit card if it's been lost, misplaced, or stolen by turning it off with a tap. If you find it later, turn it back on just as quickly.
  • Set Travel Notifications: Notify FSB of travel dates and locations so you can use your debit card across state lines or internationally
  • Order a Replacement Card: No need to call the bank, simply request a new card online 24/7
  • Report your card Lost or Stolen:  Always report lost or stolen cards asap to lower your risk of fraud
  • Temporarily Request a Limit Increase: Make large purchases with ease and rest easy knowing the limit will return to normal
  • Set/Review Spending Limits: Establish your own limits and track them in real time.
  • Manage Usage Controls: Set controls that restrict international or ATM transactions, or limit transactions by geographic region or by merchant type
  • Set Purchase Alerts: Real-time notifications let you know when your card is used or when a transaction is declined

This feature is completely free and available now on the FSB Mobile App or I-banking online. Find all these features under the Card Management section in the main menu. Simply login and take control of security and spending on your FSB debit card.

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