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New FSB Debit Cards
May 24, 2022

New FSB Debit Cards are here! Cards will be gradually updated to the new design as they expire, or need to be re-issued due to loss or fraud.

You'll likely notice the new design first, but there are a few other updates that may catch your attention: 

Card Info Has Moved

You may notice your card number, name, and expiration date are no longer on the front of the debit card. Flip the card over, and you’ll see that the numerals have been moved to the back. Changing the placement of the account number results in two convenient features for consumers.

  • It protects users’ information. Although card security is embedded in the chip, moving the numerals to the back keeps account information out of plain sight. It may prove useful in restaurants, where a cardholder might lay it flat on the table when paying the bill.
  • Second, it puts all the card information in one place. Most consumers do online shopping, and rather than flipping the card over, it’s easier to have all the information in one place.

Tap To Pay

Your new FSB Debit Card features Contactless Chip Technology. Contactless payments are quickly becoming the preferred way to pay at merchants around the world. Tapping to pay enables a safe & secure experience without the need to touch the check out terminal.

  • LOOK - Check for the Contactless Symbol on the store’s checkout terminal.
  • TAP - When prompted, bring your card within a few inches of the Contactless Symbol on the terminal.
  • GO - Your payment is securely processed in seconds. A beep indicates successful payment.

If a merchant terminal is not tap to pay-enabled, continue to insert or swipe your card as normal.

As always, if you have questions about your cards or accounts, please contact FSB Customer Service.

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