The message center allows you to communicate securely with FSB. The message center functions very much like a regular email service, but it is housed within I-banking so all your account information stays secure. Messages can be saved by topic for easy reference. Check here for your alerts, replies to your inquiries and communications. 

  • Login to FSB I-banking.
  • Click on Messages tab.
  • Messages are displayed at the left side of the screen. Click the message that you would like to read.
  • Delete or reply to a message using the icons in the upper right corner of the message.
  • Create a new message by selecting New Conversation.
  • Messages automatically expire after a certain period of time has passed. A message can be saved indefinitely by selecting “This message should never expire.”

Sending a secure message about a specific transaction:

You may be scrolling through your recent transactions and have a question about a specific payment. Do you not recognize the payee? Perhaps its fraud? Is the amount incorrect? Whatever the reason, you can easily ask a question about a specific transaction.

  1. Click on the transaction in question to see more details.
  2. Click the inquire icon (speech bubble). The Message Center appears and automatically references that specific transaction. 
  3. In the Message field, enter your message.
  4. (Optional) Click the Supported Attachments icon to attach a document.
  5. Click or tap Send. The Message Sent page appears.
  6. When the confirmation message appears, click or tap Close to go to the Conversations page. The message appears in the Inbox.

All replies to Secure Messages will appear within the Message Center in I-banking and will not be sent to your personal email account. Be sure to check within I-banking for a response. 

Note:  Secure messaging is only available for FSB accounts and is not available for other accounts that are linked within FSB I-banking. 

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