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Real Time Processing
May 24, 2022

Beginning June 2, 2018, the FSB banking system will move to real time transaction processing to provide up-to-the-minute accuracy of your account balance. 

What exactly is real time? Real Time processing allows FSB to post transactions to your account within seconds after they occur. It eliminates the gap between when your transactions are received and then processed. Currently, transactions are not subtracted or added to your account balance until the end of the business day, but this will change June 2nd.

Why Real Time Is Helpful? With real time transaction balances, you can track your real balance more effectively throughout the day. However, the immediate payment of funds may cause unexpected overdraft fees to be assessed if your balance falls below zero prior to a processed deposit.

NOTE: Some merchants, mostly hotels or gas stations, may initially authorize an amount that is more – or less – than your transaction and may affect your balance for a short time. In these cases, you may want to use your credit card to avoid impacting your checking balance.

When will this conversion happen? ACH transactions such as employer paychecks and social security checks as well as direct payments from your account like your mortgage, utilities or other bills is already posting in real time. Starting June 2nd, all teller counter transactions, checks and debit card transactions will be debited or credited to your account in real time. 

How does Real Time processing benefit you?

  • Real Time provides immediate access to deposited funds (some limitations may apply, see funds availability policy)
  • Real Time offers immediate account balance updates
  • Real Time can help speed the work of identifying and responding to potential fraud

We are confident this service will improve your banking experience and offer more convenience for FSB customers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding real-time processing. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing continued service enhancements as we help you with all your financial needs.

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