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Summer 2023 Food Truck Schedule
June 12, 2023

Tentative schedule of all food trucks coming to the Tower Park parking lot this summer. Schedule is subject to change. For the latest updates follow us on Facebook.

6/16 from 11am-2pm Bowls of Love

6/21 from 11am-1pm Try Pie

6/28 from 11am-3pm Burrito Express

7/11 from11am-2pm ‍ROCKIN 5k BBQ 

7/14 from 11am-2pm Skoopskies

7/26 from 11am-3pm Burrito Express

8/9 from 11am-1pm Try Pie

8/30 from 11am-3pm Burrito Express

9/13 from 11am-2pm ROCKIN 5k BBQ

9/27 from 11am-3pm Burrito Express

10/11 from 11am-2pm ROCKIN 5kBBQ 

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