Video Tellers (ITMs) are now available even longer hours, which means even when a branch is closed you can still talk with an FSB Banker. Walk or drive up to any FSB ATM & tap the screen to talk to a teller.

NEW expanded hours: 

  • Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

We’re all familiar with the automated teller machine (ATM). Whether in the lobby of your office building or a kiosk in a shopping mall, ATMs are at the very root of convenience banking. So what exactly is an ITM? An Interactive Teller Machine is an ATM with connection to a real FSB Teller. The video teller can guide you through every step of your transaction and answer questions about your account.

FSB ITMs are currently available at all FSB ATM locations.

You may be asking yourself, if someone wants to speak with a teller, why wouldn’t they just go into a bank? There are several reasons.

  • Convenience – FSB ITMs are stationed in drive-up ATM locations. Customers can stay in their vehicle and still get the personal touch of going into the bank. The virtual teller can complete any transaction you would normally do inside the bank – loan payments, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, request specific increments of money, order checks, or ask general questions.
  • Empowered customer experience – Unsure how to complete a transaction at a regular ATM? The virtual teller can walk you through the transaction so you know how to do it on your own next time.
  • Safety – For those needing a teller, but uncomfortable with in-person contact, this is an excellent option. Get the in-branch experience without compromising your health.
  • No debit card needed – If your card is lost, stolen or even if you don’t have one, you can use the ITM.  The virtual teller is able to use other methods to verify your identity.
  • Deposit immediately – Unlike an ATM, all transactions are available immediately, just like coming into the bank. There is no hold on your funds.

TIP: An ITM can also be used as a normal ATM, just insert your debit card. During non-business hours the ITM will function as an ATM only.

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