Can I use Touch Authentication on my mobile device?

If your Apple or Android mobile device has a fingerprint sensor and is operating on a supported OS version, you can log in using your fingerprint. Only one fingerprint can be registered to an account. The encrypted fingerprint is stored on the mobile device only and is not available to any other service providers, including the financial institution.

Caution:  You must set up fingerprint authentication on your device before logging in. For iOS, refer to for information on setting up Touch ID on your device and scanning a fingerprint for the first time. For Android, refer to for information on fingerprint authentication.

To enable Touch Authentication settings

  1. On the Login page, tap Touch ID.
  2. On the page explaining the fingerprint authorization feature, tap Enroll Now.
  3. On the Touch Authentication page, do the following:
    Enter the Login ID.
    Enter the Password.
  4. Tap Authorize to finalize changes.
  5. Place your finger on the Home button to capture your fingerprint.

Note:  Touch Authentication is tied to your online banking password. Therefore, if you change your password for online banking, you must disable fingerprint authentication, then enable it again to be able to log into online banking with Touch Authentication.

To log in with Touch Authentication

  • On the Login page, do the following:
  • Touch the Home button with your enrolled finger. If fingerprint authentication doesn't recognize your finger, a message will prompt you to touch the button again.
  • (Optional) Select the Remember me check box to save your login ID for the next time that you log in. When the connection is complete, the Home page appears.