How do I download and import my statements into QuickBooks or Quicken?

On the Account Details page, you can filter the transactions you want to export.

To filter transactions

  1. Click or tap an Account. The Account Details page appears.
  2. Click or tap Filters to display filter details.
  3. Do one or more of the following:
  • Select a date range from the Time Period drop-down list. If you select Custom Date, specify dates in the Start Date and End Date Calendars.
  • Select the type of transaction from the Transaction Type drop-down list.
  • Enter the minimum and maximum amounts for the transaction in the Amount fields.
  • (Optional) Specify a check number range in the Check# fields.
  • (Optional) For PFM users, select the type of category in the Category drop-down list.

     4. Click or tap Apply Filters. The filtered results appear.

To export transactions from the Account Details view

  1. On the Account Details page, click the export icon ( ).
  2. In the export drop-down list, click an export format. Depending on your configuration, they may include:
    Spreadsheet (XLS)
    Spreadsheet (CSV)
    Microsoft OFX (OFX)
    Quicken (QFX)
    QuickBooks (QBO)
  3. If your browser automatically saves files to a folder, the file is saved in that folder. Open the folder to view the exported file or if your browser is configured to prompt for the folder for downloaded files, you are prompted to specify the location to save the exported file.
  4. Click or tap the exported file. The transactions appear in the current sort order on the Account Details page.

TIP: Currently, you can only export in online banking, but not mobile banking.