How do I make a FSB credit card payment?

You can transfer funds between accounts at the same financial institution. You can also make external transfers to or from an account at another financial institution.

To transfer funds

  1. In the navigation menu, click or tap Money Movement > Transfers. The Funds Transfers page appears.
  2. On the Funds Transfer page, in the From drop-down list, select the account from which you want to transfer funds.
  3. In the To drop-down list, select the account to which you want to transfer funds.
  4. In the Amount field, enter the amount to transfer.
  5. (Optional) Select the Make this a recurring transaction check box. The Schedule Recurring Transfer fields expand.
  6. Click or tap a transaction frequency.
  7. Select a Start Date and End Date from the calendar, or click or tap Repeat Forever
  8. Click or tap the Date field, and then select the date that you want the transfer to occur.
    Note:  The date selected is the date you want the transfer to be processed, not the date the funds will become available
  9. Click or tap Transfer Funds. The Transaction Authorized message appears and confirms that the transfer was processed or will be scheduled to process.
  10. Click or tap Close to set up another transfer, or click or tap View in Activity Center to review the transfer.

Note:  You can set up a recurring transfer to start today.