How do I protect myself from Scammers?

Fraudulent calls, texts, and emails are on the rise. These scammers are very good at what they do, and will seem very convincing to gain access to your financial information. You may think that you are not the type of person to be easily duped, but these fraudsters are pros.

If you ever receive a call, text or email claiming to be an employee of FSB, know that we will NEVER ask for any of the following information:

  • Password
  • Username
  • Card PIN
  • Account numbers

If someone calls you, or you have clicked on a link in a text or email that asks for this information, call FSB immediately. We will assist you with changing your username and password, and hopefully prevent any fraudulent charges.

Our card providers, Shazam and FIS, are also monitoring your debit and credit card use 24/7. You may receive a call or text from them to verify a suspicious transaction. They will also NEVER ask for any of the information listed above. They should have no access to your bank account information, only transactions made on their cards.

How do I know I am talking to a real FSB representative? 

A real FSB rep may ask some questions to verify your identity, like the last 4 of your SSN, mother's maiden name, city of birth, etc. To add an extra layer of security you may request adding a "passcode" to your account. Something unique to you, but not easily guessed, like your pet's birthday or an old address.

Note: Secure access and one-time passcodes may be texted or sent via automated phone call. They will be 5-6 digit codes and the text will come from either 86434 or 22395.

If you ever question the legitimacy of a call, text or email, call us at (877) 372-1879. Don't redial or reply to the phone number or email address that contacted you.