How do I view & print statements?

To view e-statements

  • In the navigation menu, click or tap Services > Statements. The Statements page appears.
  • Do the following to select the statement to view:
  • From the Account drop-down list, select the account.
  • From the Date drop-down list, select the month.
  • Click or tap Get Statement.
  • Your statement will appear in a new window as a PDF document that can be saved or printed.

You may need to verify that you can view PDF files the first time that you want to view an online statement.

If you are not able to view PDF documents, Adobe Reader is available for most operating systems. You can download and install Adobe Reader or a similar program to view PDF documents. Adobe Reader is available from:

To verify that you can view a PDF

  • In the navigation menu, click or tap Services > Statements. The PDF Verification page appears.
  • Click or tap Get Code. If your browser or device configuration permits it, a new tab or window appears displaying the PDF.
  • Do one of the following:
    If the PDF appears, enter the verification code exactly as it appears in the PDF in the Verification Code field, and click or tap Verify. The PDF Verification Success page appears in a new tab or another window. Click or tap Close to return to the Statements page.
    If the PDF does not appear, click or tap I can't see a PDF. An error message appears. Click or tap Close to return to the Home page. If you cannot view the PDF, verify that you have the appropriate PDF viewing software installed.