How to transfer to or from an external account.

You can add accounts that you own at other financial institutions to your online banking profile and transfer funds externally.

When you connect the account, we make two small deposits of random amounts into your account at the other institution. When the deposits are complete, you enter and verify the amounts in either online banking or the mobile banking app. The deposits verify your ownership of the account and that any future transfers to or from that account will process correctly. The deposits should take fewer than five business days to process.

To add an external account

  1. In the navigation menu, click or tap Money Movement Add External Account. The Add External Accounts page appears.
  2. In the Account Number field, enter the account number at the other financial institution.
  3. In the Routing Number field, enter the routing number of the other financial institution. The image on the screen illustrates where the routing number is located on a check. If the account is not a checking account, verify the correct routing number with the other financial institution.
  4. From the Account Type drop-down list, select the external account type.
  5. Click or tap Submit to complete the addition of the account.

To verify an external account

  1. In the navigation menu, click or tap Money Movement Verify External Account. The Account Verification page appears.
  2. Click or tap the account that you want to verify.
  3. In the Verify Deposit Amounts area, enter the amounts of the two deposits that we made to the external account.
  4. Click or tap Continue.
  5. After verification, the external account appears in the list of accounts that you can use in transfers.