What is the difference between available and current balances?

When you select Balances from the Accounts menu, the system displays all open financial institution accounts, grouped by account type.

  • Checking and savings accounts (including money market or interest-bearing transaction accounts.)
  • Investments – such as Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Loan accounts – such as credit cards, lines of credit, or home equity loans.

For each account listed on the account summary display, the system lists both current and available balances for deposits and available credit and current balance for loans. The definition of current balance and available balance may differ depending upon how we handle float or memo-posted items.

Account balances are totaled for loans and deposits to provide a complete financial picture of your accounts. You can click each account's title to obtain detailed information about the account.

Current Balance - The current balance is the result of all of the transactions posted to your account. The current balance on a loan account is the unpaid balance of the loan.

Available Balance - The available balance is the amount currently available to you. The available credit for a loan account is the amount you can withdraw or borrow.

Maturity Date - On any investment account, you may view the maturity date next to the current balance and available balance.