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Milestone Moments

Transitioning to financial independence can be intimidating and comes with many new decisions. We suggest these accounts for those starting out and those who just need the basics covered.

Learn the basics of money management with the easy to use Green Checking Account. There are no fees to worry about or a minimum balance to maintain. Enjoy the convenience of modern online banking from your home or on the go with FSB. If you need help with anything, you can also stop into a branch for friendly in-person advice and support.

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The Road to Financial Independence

Starting Out

Getting married or starting a family soon? Homes, cars, spouses, and kids can easily consume your growing income. Start a savings plan now and be confident in your plan.

Maximize your savings with the high-interest Loyalty Checking Account. Minimize spending with low rate home loans and credit cards. Manage your finances from your desktop, phone, or tablet. Of course, you can always bring the kids into the bank for a life lesson in Finances 101.

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Maximize Your Prime Earning Years

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Financial Growth

These years can be some of the most enjoyable and fulfilling times of your life. It's time to make sure you are on pace for what you’ll need to live the way you want in retirement and finalize your plans for the "golden" years.

Investing is how you build long term wealth. Using high-interest accounts like a Money Market or a CD can help achieve your retirement goals. A free consultation with a financial advisor at FSB Premier can also help set your goals set your mind at ease for the future.

Transform Your Financial Habits to Prepare For the Future

Starting a Business

Taking your first steps toward opening your own business can be exciting — and sometimes stressful. FSB is dedicated to making the financial part of your business life as simple as possible.

FSB's business accounts make it easier to manage your company’s finances. And while we have every account you need to get more from your company, our reputation rests on the way we take care of our business customers. We work hard every day to earn the right to call you our customer.

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Tailored To Your Business Needs

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